What We Do


Car chargers

Professional electric car charger installation services to power up your eco-friendly ride with ease and convenience, ensuring efficient charging for a greener tomorrow.

Main panel upgrades

Upgrade your electrical main panel to meet the growing power demands of modern technology, ensuring a safe and reliable electricity supply for your home or business.


Transform your space with our expert electrical remodeling services, providing seamless integration of modern lighting, wiring, and energy-efficient solutions for a functional and stylish environment.

Electrical Outlet and Switch repair

Efficient electrical outlet and switch installation and repair services to enhance the functionality and safety of your electrical system, ensuring convenient access to power throughout your space.

Outdoor lighting installation

Elevate your outdoor ambiance with our expert electrical services, specializing in flawless outdoor lighting installation. Illuminate your surroundings and create a captivating atmosphere that enhances both aesthetics and security.
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Who We Are

Sunset Electric is a well-established electrical company with over 22 years of experience. Owner John Ham brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each job he works on. Having served elite and high-profile clients, he understands the importance of discretion, honesty, and trustworthiness.


We are a team of passionate electricians who take pride in our work. With a deep understanding of the complexities of electrical systems, we are committed to finding solutions to any problem.

Honest Workers

Honesty is a core value that we prioritize in all of our work. Our team comprises honest workers who uphold moral and ethical principles and prioritize transparency, accountability, and fairness.

Certified & Insured

Our team of certified electricians has undergone extensive training and testing to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to handle any electrical job safely and efficiently.

Low Cost

We strive to provide our clients the best possible service at a fair and competitive price. We are licensed and insured, meaning we have the necessary qualifications and can complete any electrical work safely and to a high standard.


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